RI Leadership

RI Leadership

All Rotary clubs are members of the global association Rotary International, which is overseen by an elected RI president and Board of Directors. The RI Board is responsible for establishing policy for Rotary International.

The Rotary Foundation is a charitable organization supported solely by voluntary contributions. Managed by a Board of Trustees and trustee chair, the Foundation provides financial support to help Rotary clubs and districts work together on meaningful, sustainable service.

Rotarys general secretary, who is the chief executive officer, manages the 800-member Rotary staff who serve Rotarians from RI World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and several international offices. The general secretary is a member of both the RI Board of Directors and The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees.

Every Rotary club and every district (groups of clubs) selects its own officers and enjoys considerable autonomy within the framework of Rotarys constitution and bylaws.

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